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Executive MBA

The Executive MBA is a degree accredited by the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education.
Innovatively-tailored to meet the needs of management professionals, the Executive MBA Program is designed to provide a challenging and flexible learning experience.
The program is aimed at professionals who have key technical and functional experience, 
but seek the breadth of business and management knowledge needed to develop their careers in the direction and at the speed required. We recognise that MBAs across the globe appreciate the international recognition that their qualification brings and the opportunities which it can create. Our experience suggests that most MBA students wish to consolidate and advance their learning with a view to either changing career direction or to fast-track progression in their current sector. Our Executive programme recognises these demands and provides an ideal platform for the highly-motivated individual.



APSB graduate programs aim to develop advanced analytical and decision-making skills in several management areas. These programs are tailored to professionals, new graduates, as well as graduates who wish to undertake a PhD. 
The duration of studies for Master degrees is two years and comprises four (4) consecutive semesters. Each semester consists of fourteen (14) weeks of instruction. The second semester of the 2nd year is devoted to an internship.