Master in Business Decision Engineering


This program is designed for those who are looking to develop the expert knowledge  needed for supporting business and organizational decision-making activities. It is designed for individuals who have earned bachelor’s degrees from accredited institutions in information technology, computer science, management of information systems, or related areas. It offers the possibility to study principles governing information systems and develop critical thinking skills to find data solutions for complex problems.

Admission Requirements
Bachelor degree in related fields; Admission tests administered by APBS.


Skills Acquired
This program focuses on important information systems concepts that support decision making, including data preparation, modeling, analysis, visualization and deployment.

Professional perspectives
Graduates will have good opportunities to work in banks, telecommunication companies, retailers.

Semester 1

• Information management for decision
• Strategic business environment
• Data analysis
• Introduction to Data mining
• Introduction to SPSS
• Introduction to STATA
• Econometrics qualitative Data
• Analytic table
• Business english
• Risk theory
• Internal audit

Semester 2

• Contemporary ecconomic
• Industrial economy
• Econometrics of time series and prediction techniques
• Data mining and statistical decision
• Introduction to Matlab
• ERP application
• Investigation and survey
• Statistical quality control

Semester 3

• Preference modeling and multicriteria decision
• Modeling and decision support
• Interactive system for decision support
• Decision theory and game theory
• Technical simulations
• Management toolbox
• Soft skills 3
• Stress testing theory
• Thorough management control

Semester 4

• Business game

• Thesis