Master in Marketing and Business Intelligence

This program is designed for those who are looking to acquire Marketing and Management skills that are needed to develop sales and compete in business industries and international environment.
It is designed for individuals who have earned bachelor’s degrees from accredited institutions in Marketing, Management or related areas.

Admission Requirements
Bachelor degree in related fields; Admission tests administered by APBS.

Skills Acquired
It ensures that students are trained and developed in their decision-making skills to solve marketing issues, modelize consumer behavior and develop products or plans for a business.

Graduates will have good opportunities to get jobs in advertising, promotion and sales, product management, marketing research telecommunication companies and retailers.

Semester 1

• Strategic diagnostic
• Audit marketing
• Economic Prospective Analysis
• Business English
• Tics : Analytics table
• Fundamental Marketing
• Tourism Marketing
• Financial Services Marketing
• Retail Marketing

Semester 2

• contemporary economic
• Tics : ERP/CR applications
• Marketing Strategic Planning
• Competition and Strategy
• Quantitative  Methods
• Qualitative  Methods
• Modeling of customer behavior
• B to B marketing
• Marketing for Non-profit Organizations
• Marketing and Sustainable Development

Semester 3

• Strategic Intelligence Systems
• Tics 3 : Management toolbox
• Intercultural Marketing
• International Marketing
• Communication Policies
• Advertising Analytics
• Sales Force and IT
• Geographical Information Systems
  Communication in business environment

Semester 4

• Business Games
• Thesis