News & Events : APBS Achieves 2020 Certification Milestone

APBS Achieves 2020 Certification Milestone


Momentum reflects student appetite for business and technology skills to help them reach their educational and career potential.

Tunis — June 2nd 2020 —

APBS today announced that students participating in the Coursera, edX, Microsoft Imagine Academy and Swiss program Soft Skills certification programs have achieved more than 450 certification credentials that validate business and technology mastery, as well as in demand soft skills. APBS announced deployment of the Coursera, edX and Microsoft Imagine Academy program in March 2020 online, in the mid of the COVID19 crisis . Today’s milestone represents a 300% increase against the target, reflecting strong student interest in industry-recognized credentials that validate expertise with technologies and business skills regularly used and required in college and the workforce.

APBS worked with Coursera, edX, Microsoft and the Swiss Cooperation to implement the certification academic programs in order to equip students with real-world technology and business skills needed in higher education and in the workforce. This milestone prepares the students to be Generation 4.0 workforce ready for select industries.

The CEO of APBS stated that the most ambitious students have greatly benefitted from the certifications, “We are extremely pleased with the performance of our Students. Student and teacher engagement in technology, business and soft skills training and pursuit of certifications has been impressive.”

This milestone represents the skills that our future workforce and professionals will bring for the benefit of our country,” said Mr Kamel Sellaoui, CEO of APBS. “We are committed to providing our students with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills, and this program supports that priority.

Campuswide, APBS students have now earned more than 450 of Coursera, edX and Microsoft certification credentials that will help set them up for success.

“APBS is committed to empowering students and teachers in Tunisia to reach their full potential,” said Pr Ridha Gouia , the Dean of APBS. “By combining education and cutting-edge technology in an effective way as APBS has succeeded in implementing, we look forward to promoting success and prosperity in an evolving global economy. We congratulate APBS students on achieving this milestone.”

APBS will continue to provide a convenient and flexible learning environment where students can get hands-on experience with the latest technology and business skills to gain a competitive edge in today’s job market or the next step in their academics. The certifications students can earn are from the Top Tier US universities including Harvard, MIT, Columbia to name a few.

APBS Achieves 2020 Certification Milestone