News & Events : Digital learning shouldn’t be an afterthought

Digital Learning

   Universities need to develop a completely blended learning approach, making use of key technologies, in order to survive and flourish. The good news is, the technology is already out there.

Universities will have to reconsider their use of technologies. Successful online education is not considered to compete with traditional education; it should simply evolve to be more efficient and, eventually, make learning faster and more accessible.

Avicenne Private Business School Experience

APBS had a new experience during confinement. Not only students were able to attend classes, lectures, seminars, etc. but they could also catch up on sessions they have missed or repeat lessons they wish to revise, on demand anytime and anywhere through the APBS sessions recordings platform. Class’s backchannel were available where students have commented, questioned, interacted with the teachers and added additional resources. Our students were be able to attend classes via whichever channel suits them and all notes and resources are available on the system.

University Central HUB

During this new experiment, APBS Central HUB provides student with personalized Information, Lectures & classes, Interactive learning environment, Social and communication tools, Attendance & completion Tracking, Resources & Assignments as well as Calendar & planning tools.

At APBS, all teachers witnessed innovation at an unprecedented scale as the Higher Education landscape was experiencing a paradigm shift.

Students & educators collaboration tools

During Covid19, APBS provided its community with collaboration tools mix to help with both productivity and creativity, enabling students to share and collaborate on projects, give and take feedback, annotate, brainstorm, being creative, or just hang out.

APBS experiment showcases how students and faculty online collaboration leads to better knowledge building as well as the development of social and emotional skills like teamwork.