News & Events : APBS University Opens its Online Classes to all Students, across Tunisia and Africa, Starting from this Week

APBS University Opens its Online Classes to all Students, across Tunisia and Africa, Starting from this Week

Within the framework of the Tunisian government’s policy to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education has decided switching courses, initially planned face-to-face, to distance learning. All students will, therefore, have to stay at home for the next two weeks, while their universities will be required to provide them with online courses.
“How will I carry on with my academic studies in the best possible conditions? How will I continue to acquire the essential skills related to my area of specialization? How can I simply have access to uninterrupted quality training?” are some of the questions that preoccupy the entire student population in Tunisia, as well as in many other African countries, in these uncertain times.
Distance education (hands-on online learning) appears to be the solution to overcome these new challenges. Since March 2020, APBS University has, actually, started delivering its courses in online mode. This has also been the case since the beginning of the present academic year (2020-2021), where all the classes are being carried out 100% online.
In its effort to help, in this national dynamic, and be consistent with its social responsibility mission, APBS Academic Council has decided to open access to its online classes. Thus, the University will make available to all students across Tunisia and Africa, without exception and in an open manner, its entire online academic program.
What are the eligibility requirements to participate in this front-line venture?
The offer applies to all students enrolled in any Tunisian, or foreign, higher education institution. The participant will have direct access to all classes corresponding to his/her own area of specialization.
In order to join, you must simply complete the request form available on https://go.apbs.me/covid.
The request, once submitted, will immediately be processed by the relevant department at APBS. The student will, then, be provided with an online course schedule, as well as the proper access links.
For further information, please visit APBS University website at https://go.apbs.me/covid, or call +