Partners Associations


IIDebate is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to develop next generation of civic leaders, activists and change agents by giving young people the opportunity to actively participate in the political process. By opening up spaces for democratic education and youth participation in schools and government, we strive to prioritize the needs of low-income youth and under-resourced schools and regions.



Kids Uprise started out as a project of APBS student to be submitted for Clinton Global Initiative University. The project aims to gradually develop children’s critical thinking abilities, logic, innovative way of thinking and implant the entrepreneurs mindset in kids in unfortunate areas.  This will promote and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit among kids who are the future generation-hope of Tunisia.



AIESEC is one of the world’s largest providers of high-calibre youth talent and volunteers. The association develops the next generation of leaders and connect them with businesses and NGO’s.

APBS works close and supports activities of AIESEC In Tunisia, and is a partner of AIESEC Bardo Local Committee.