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International students


APBS is  committed to  increasing the diversity of  the student  body while  maintaining  high entry standards for all its students. It plans  to  increase both the number  and  proportion  of international students. APBS has  a clearly articulated commitment to widening  participation that is an integral part of the School Admissions Strategy.
APBS monitors closely the diversity of the our student body and its admissions process more generally to ensure that barriers of  any type do not  exist for  applicants regardless of  social, cultural, ethnic, religion, educational or economic background. All applicants will be given an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills, achievements and potential. The Students  Affairs  Office  provides  advice  and practical  support to all  applicants  to  the School with disabilities.

APBS recognizes the importance of diverse learning pathways in several ways, most notably through our commitment to a life-long learning agenda.

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Why Tunisia?
Tunisia is oneof the most sought-afterdestinations in the educational field, as it known for the quality and rigor of its universities. This is due to  the Tunisian authorities  that rely  heavily on the reliability of Tunisian diplomas. All  APBS programs  have been accredited by the   Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
Residency Permit
Tunisia gives between 1 to 3 months for   foreigners/international students to get a residency permit. After  this  time  they  will be audited. To   obtain  their residency  permit  international students must go to the police department in the area.
Before his/her arrival in  Tunisia  the  student must  have: (i) a letter of invitation  from  APBS and, (ii) the   certificates   of  registration and  payment, also  provided by  the school.  APBS supports  its  international  students  when  they  arrivein  Tunis. The school offers a   pick-up service from the airport to students apartments. However, the administration must be informed by email or by phone about: the arrival time, and the airline/flight number.