Course Registration

Specified dates are set for new students to come to the campus and register for the coming semester’s classes. New students are notified by the Registrar’s office of their acceptance to APBS. The office of the Registrar will then send information about registration procedures and the appropriate time to come to campus for testing and advisement in the selection of courses and registration.
Returning students should stay updated with the school’s calendar to know about registration deadlines for upcoming semesters. All students are expected to complete their registration during the time set by the Office of the Registrar.
All financial obligations must be met according to APBS rules.

Entrance/Placement Tests

Newly transferred students (including student with international degrees) are required to take entrance exams called also “placement tests” in order to be accepted at APBS. Academic placement examinations are a part of a new international student registration. These tests are used to determine the level at which a student enters a sequence of courses. Some majors concentrations require specific placement examinations. Exams times are determined by the Registrar’s office and are communicated to students.

Apply for an Admission