Transfer students

APBS accepts course transfers provided a minimum passing grade was obtained and pending final approval of the Scientific Council. Course equivalency is based on the course design and content as well as the credit-hour workload equivalency.

The following guidelines are used to assess the transfer:
1. APBS transfers only courses that are part of its curricula. The transfer also depends also on the student program choice.
2. If course equivalency is granted, transferred courses will be recorded in the student transcripts with their APBS course-coding equivalent.
3. The new course grade will be computed based on the APBS grading system.
4. Transfer credits/courses will have an additional code on the APBS academic record (CRT), and will be used in the calculation of a student’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA) and in the annual average (GPA).
5. Tuition fees will apply to transfer students in proportion to proportionally to the course credit balance in each semester following these rules:
5.1. Undergraduate courses: 83.400dt per credit
5.2. Graduate courses: 100dt per credit
6. Courses must have been taken within the past 5 years to be eligible for transfer credit.
7. Performance designations other than letters, percentage grades, or numeric grades are not acceptable for transfer credit, eg. pass/fail courses.
8. When course descriptions are not available, the student will be granted conditional admission with a conditional credit transfer. Final admission with approved courses will be given pending a passing grade in placement tests for each transferred course.
9. It is the full responsibility of the student to complete the required forms and attach the appropriate documents.
10. Students granted transfer credits will have to fulfill all APBS graduation conditions.
11. Recommendations are made by the Registrar to the Dean and final approval is given by the Scientific Council.
12. In case of dispute, the executive committee will make the final decision.

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