Tuition fees

Tuition fees :
All fees are set annually by the administration. Students have the possibility to pay their tuition fees on a semester/quarterly/monthly basis according to payment deadlines set by the Registrar’s Office.
The following rules apply:
• Tuition deposit is due at the time of admission. The tuition deposit is a prerequisite for completing the registration process and is non-refundable. Late fee charges may apply for late admission and registration.
• Tuition is based on annual fees which cover one year of study and is non-refundable if courses have already started. Students are obliged to pay annual fees even if they withdraw prior to the start of classes.
• Other fees may apply for extracurricular activities and programs (including book purchases), if any, throughout the course of study.  Such fees are to be determined at the time of the activity/program by the relevant concerned departments.
• No refund will be applied to programs dropped or deferred.

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