Master in Money, Banking and Finance


Graduates   are   immersed  in  a   mix  of  both   theoretical  and   practical   topics   covering contemporary developments in the banking and ?nancial ?elds. Our Master aim to extend and develop advanced training relating to the practical managerial issues faced by modern ?nancial service and related ?rms. Our graduates have bene?ted substantially from their experience of studying in a convivial, yet demanding,  academic environment. The main aim  of our  full-time programs   is to   introduce  a  much stronger practical emphasis with a focus on  strategic, corporate and ?nancial management.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor degree in related fields; Admission tests administered by APBS.

Skills Acquired

Students can expect to learn skills such as investing, managing organizational cash, how mergers and acquisitions work, strategies for raising capital and how to navigate securities markets. Corporate operations, defending against hostile bids, acquisitions & mergers as well as financial statement analysis are also skills learned in this program.

Professional perspectives

Graduates will have skills and knowledge in areas such as banking and financial services, funds management, treasury and financial markets, and wealth management.

Semester 1
• International Financial Markets
• Analytics table
• Contemporary Issues Management
• Organizations and people
• Corporate Risk Management
• Soft skills 1
• Marketing Strategy
• Strategic Management

Semester 2
• Bank Financial Management
• Financial Institutions Strategic Management
• Financial Crisis and Bank Regulation
• Soft skills 2
• Behavioral Finance
• ERP applications
• Marketing Financial Services
• Banking and Development

Semester 3
• International Financial Management
• International Banking
• Financial Engineering
• Management toolbox
• Investment Strategy & Portfolio Management
• Soft skills 3
• Islamic Insurance

Semester 4
• Business Game

• Thesis