Spécial Bacheliers : Webinaire d’Orientation et des métiers

Have a Successful orientation thanks to the Avicenne Business School webinar.

If you want to develop your career, it is essential that you focus on the right trends in the job market.

Today, bachelors taught in english as a medium,  supported by digital and soft skills as well as a developed sense of entrepreneurial enthusiam, have become necessary for those who want to move up a gear in the job market and the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

During this exclusive webinar, we will deal with the current trends : Major fields, specialized sectors, recent developments, thriving sectors, career prospects.

We’re here to guide you down the path that matches your goals.

New bachelor graduates who want to meet a business school with high recruitment potential can register for the webinar here : https://concours.apbs.online/webinar

Spécial Bacheliers : Webinaire d'Orientation et des métiers APBS Tunisie Groupe scolaire Descartes Spécial Bacheliers : Webinaire d'Orientation et des métiers webinar,orientation,bachelor,baccalaureate,job market webinar