Executive MBA

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Executive  MBA Program

APBS Executive MBA is a degree accredited by the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
Innovatively-tailored  to  meet  the  needs of  management professionals, the  Executive  MBA Program is designed to provide a challenging and flexible learning experience.

The program  is  aimed  at  professionals  who  have key technical and functional  experience, but seek the breadth of business and management knowledge that is needed in order to develop their careers in the direction and at the speed required. MBA holders across the globe appreciate the international recognition provided by their qualification and benefit from new opportunities. Our experience showed that most MBA students wish to consolidate and advance their learning when considering changing the career direction or make a fast-track progression in their current sector. APBS Executive MBA acknowledges these demands and provides an ideal platform for highly-motivated individuals.

APBS Executive MBA program is accredited by the following funds/incitements: CNFCCP, Droit de tirage, TFP, PCAM, USAID, ITP, Mise à niveau and for France the DIF and FAFIEC.

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At the end of this program, the participant will demonstrate advanced knowledge in business strategy as well as the development in critical and analytical thinking in the field of business. He will acquire a strong managerial culture at a personal level, or from his career perspective. With good analytical skills, he will also be able to solve various kinds of problems . Initiative, flexibility, strategy, leadership and adaptation will become his main qualities.


With additive skills acquired during the Executive MBA program, the participant will upgrade his skills and broaden his field of competence; therefore, he and can consider expanding his/her field of activity. He also opens the doors for larger opportunities with multinational companies.


  • Financial management
  • Human ressources management
  • Management accounting
  • Managerial Economics
  • New Venture Creation
  • Organisations and people
  • TIC & Formation Opérationnelle 1: Visual Analytics
  • Culture générale et softskills 2: English
  • (Optionnelle Industries pétrolières Oil & Gas) Oil and Gas Finance and Risk Analysis
  • (Optionnelle Services Bancaires) Contemporary Issues in Banking
  • (Optionnelle Industries Pharmaceutiques) Managing the Pharmaceutical Sales Organization


  • Comteporary Issues in Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Finance and managers
  • Risk and Project Management
  • TIC & Formation Opérationnelle 2: ERP Application and Business Process Developement
  • Culture Générale et Softskills 2: Contemporary Issues in Economics
  • Culture Générale et Softskills 3: Communication in Business Environment
  • (Optionnelle Industries pétrolières Oil & Gas) Managing Projects and Optimizing Oil & Gas Operations
  • (Optionnelle Services Bancaires) International Banking
  • (Optionnelle Industries Pharmaceutiques) Pharmaceutical Marketing Research


  • Entrepreuneurial Marketing
  • Entrepreurship, New Venture Creation & Business
  • Strategic Leadership
  • International Financial Management
  • Corporate sustainability and innovation
  • TIC & Formation Opérationnelle : Practical Toolbox for Managers
  • (Optionnelle Industries pétrolières Oil & Gas) Oil & Gaz Business and Marketing
  • (Optionnelle Services Bancaires) Bank Financial Management
  • (Optionnelle Industries Pharmaceutiques) Pharmaceutical Product Management


Final Research Thesis