Master in Digital Marketing & Communication

This Master degree enables the students to understand the challenges of digital economy for brands, marketing and communication, in order to define and  implement effective policies. The student will masterthe main areas and techniques of digital marketing (e-mail, SEO, displays, social marketing, conversion issues, mobile marketing, …).

Admission Requirements Bachelor degree in Marketing, Management, Business Administration or equivalent

Skills Acquired Graduate student will acquire the following skills : how to prepare and implement an e-marketing plan, how to prepare and implement an e-communication plan, how to organize an advertising campaign on social networks, how to write requirements for a request for proposals related to E-Com and E-Marketing, how to master the digital writing techniques, understand and analyze the data a and work collaboratively and effectively with the different departments.

Professional perspectives – Responsible for the digital strategy – Responsible for strategic communication – Manager of digital communication – Digital development manager – SEO consultant

Semester 1

– DM1: Understanding the digital – DM7: Connected e-commerce – Management accounting – IT & Operational Training 1: Visualization and Analytics – Culture and Soft Skills 2: English – Managerial Economics – Organizations & people – Interdisciplinary seminar I – (Optional : Oil & Gas Track) Oil and Gas Finance and Risk Analysis – (Optional : Banking Services Track) Contemporary Issues In Banking – (Optional : Pharmaceutical Industries Track) Managing the Pharmaceutical Sales Organization

Semester 2

– DM6: Digital Project Management – Business games – Culture and soft skills 2: Professionalization workshop – Culture and Soft Skills 3: Communication in a Business Environment – Strategic Management – Finance for managers – IT & Operational Training 2: ERP APPLICATION AND BUSINESS PROCESS DEVELOPMENT – (Optional : Oil & Gas Oil Track) Managing Projects and Optimizing Oil & Gas Operations – (Optional : Banking Services) International Banking – (Optional : Pharmaceutical Industries) Pharmaceutical Marketing Research

Semester 3

– Financial management – Human resources management – DM2: Digital Strategies & Brand Strategies – DM3: e-Marketing plan & e-Communication plan – DM4: The digital consumer and how to improve the user experience – DM5: On-line studies – Interdisciplinary seminar II – IT & Operational Training. : Practical Toolbox for Managers – (Optional) Acquisition, Conversion and e-Customer Loyalty – (Optional) Retail Marketing – (Optional) Data driven Marketing and Digital Communication

Semester 4

– Internship Report