Master in Human Ressources and Mobility Support


The objective of this specialization is to provide a methodology and tools to support the projects of skills development and training of employees, taking into account the environment.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in management, economics or equivalent

Skills Acquired

Graduated from this program will be able to accompany the development of the company in its individual and collective aspects; to analyze a request for orientation and advice in professional evolution; to make a diagnosis of the skills acquired by people throughout their professionallives; to co-build with the applicant a professional development project taking into account the personal and professional dimensions; to conduct professional development interviews with an understanding of the process of the helping relationship; to keep a permanent watch on the evolutions of the trades and on the devices ofprofessional security in force; to develop adapted training advice and to have a reflective approach to his practice.

Professional perspectives

Identifiable business opportunities are:

– HR Consultant,
– Consultant (e) specialized in the accompaniment of transitions,
– Professional Development Advisor,
– Training Advisor,
– Responsible for mobility,
– Human resources manager
– Human Resources Consultant
– Training Manager
– Hiring coordinator

Semester 1

. Financial management
. Human resources management
. IT & Operational Training 1: Visual Analytics
. General Culture and Soft Skills 2: English
. Management accounting
. Managerial Economics
. Organizations & people
. Interdisciplinary seminar I
. (Optional Oil & Gas Oil) Oil and Gas Finance and Risk Analysis
. (Optional Banking Services) Contemporary Issues In Banking
. (Optional Pharmaceutical Industries) Managing the Pharmaceutical Sales Organization

Semester 2

. Strategic Management
. Finance for managers
. Business game
. Interdisciplinary seminar II
. General Culture and Soft Skills 3: Communication in a Business Environment
. General culture and soft skills 2: Professionalization workshop
. (Optional Oil & Gas Oil Companies) Managing Projects and Optimizing Oil & Gas Operations
. (Optional Banking Services) International Banking
. (Optional Pharmaceutical Industries) Pharmaceutical Marketing Research

Semester 3

. IT & Operational Training. : Practical Toolbox for Managers
. RH1: Professional Mobility
. RH2: Strategy, Foresight and Work Transfers
. RH3: Changes in employment, the forecast management of jobs and skills and securing career paths
. RH4: Training Engineering and Skills Development
. RH5: Anthropology of the project and professional orientation
. RH6: Professional Transitions
. Skill-based approach: contribution to the development of a competency framework
. (Optional) Case-based approach: accompanying people in professional transitions
. (Optional) Social law applied to restructuring
. (Optional) Coaching techniques applied

Semester 4

Preparing an Internship Report