Business school


The objective of the Bachelor degree programs offered at APBS is to effectively prepare students to cope with the increasingly complex and dynamic environment in which business and industry must operate. Hence, APBS places a strong emphasis on developing analytical and managerial skills, as well as enhancing their decision-making and problem-solving skills.

The Bachelor programs’ duration is three years, spread over six (6) successive semesters. After the 4th semester, students are placed in a summer internship to enable make them to acquire practical skills and also to introduce them to the professional world. The sixth semester is devoted to the realization of either a professional internship or a thesis.

Programs Description

APBS offers 7 undergraduate programs. The first four Bachelor degree programs have a strong core of compulsory courses designed to familiarize students with the broad scope of management functions. Students specialize in the 3rd year in one of the following business fields: finance, marketing, accounting, and business management.