Bachelor in Accounting (opt:ACCA concentration)


The objective of this specialization is to provide a methodology and tools for the accounting, tax and legal assistance of companies. It also prepares students for the evaluation of internal control and the audit of companies.

Admission Requirements

Tunisian or French Baccalaureate or an equivalent degree; Admission tests administered by APBS. Apply for an Admission

Skills Acquired

The holder of a degree in accounting will be able to :

  • Performs an audit or control of accounting and financial operations of structures according to legal obligations.
  • Contributes to the prevention, the control of the financial risks of structures and to the research of possible irregularities.
  • Provide technical support in accounting and financial management to companies in difficulty.
  • Stores and centralizes the commercial, industrial or financial data of a structure to establish balances of accounts, income statements, balance sheets, … according to the legal obligations.
  • Checks the accuracy of the accounting entries and reports on the economic situation of the structure.
  • Carry out activities related to payroll and personnel management.
  • Coordinate a team’s activity or manage a structure.
  • Performs or supervises all general accounting operations up to the balance sheet (payroll, social and tax declarations, management dashboards, etc.) according to the accounting rules.
  • Guarantees the reliability of the company’s accounts in accordance with accounting, social and tax legislation.
  • Carry out the accounting management of subsidiaries of the company.
  • Establish accounting dashboards.

Professional perspectives

List of Occupations Covered:

  • Budget Analyst
  • Accounting Auditor
  • Internal Auditor
  • Accounting and Financial Auditor
  • Statutory Auditor / Legal Auditor
  • Collaborator / Associate of Public Accounting
  • Auditor
  • Budget Controller
  • Accounting and Financial Controller
  • Accountant
  • Accounting and Financial Inspector
  • Scientific, Cultural and Professional Public Establishment Accountant-PSICP-
  • Account Management Officer
  • Accounting assistant
  • Billing Accountant Assistant
  • Accounting and Budget Assistant
  • Pay Assistant
  • Administrative and Accounting Assistant
  • Cashier
  • Customer Accountant
  • Corporate Accountant
  • Accountant tax assessor notary
  • Territorial accountant
  • Cash Accountant
  • Accountant-stock manager

Further Studies

The accounting training prepares appropriately for the passage of the national accounting competition according to international requirements.

Also prepares for Masters or MBA.



Semester 1

– Management principles 1
– Financial accounting 1
– Introduction to law
– Mathematics I : Analysis
– Microeconomics
– Financial mathematics
– C2I 1
– English 1

Semester 2

– Management principles 2
– Financial accounting 2
– Macroeconomics
– Mathematics 2 : Algebra
– Descriptive statistics and probablility
– Commercial corporate law
– C2I 2
– English 2

Semester 3

– Intermediate accounting 1
– Management accounting
– Chartered Accountant Career Conferences
– English 3
– Entrepreneurship
– Physical organization of the accounting system
– Elaboration of financial statements
– Practical practice firm
– Theorical practice firm

Semester 4

– Accounting
– Internal control
– VAT and consumer law
– Methodology of Elaboration of an internship report
– English 4
– Communicatioin techniques
– Practical practice firm
– Theorical practice firm
– Trade effects
– General tax theory and tax law


Semester 5

– Advanced accounting
– Conceptual framework and presentation of financial statements
– Management control
– Elaboration and validation of the internship report
– English 5
– Presentation of technical and professional documents
– Practical practice firm
– Theorical practice firm
– Accounting theories
– Company accounting

Semester 6

– Financial
– Audit
– Financial decisions
– Tutored project
– English 6
– IT
– Practical practice firm
– Theorical practice firm
– Corporate Restructuring Accounting
– Consolidation