Bachelor in Human Resources Management


The objective of this specialization is to provide a methodology and tools to support skills development and employee training projects, taking into account the environment.


Admission Requirements

Tunisian or French Baccalaureate or an aquivalent degree; Admission tests administered by APBS. Apply for an Admission


Skills Acquired

The holder of a license in HRM will be able to:

  • Performs the administrative follow-up of personnel management (contracts, absences, medical visits, declarations to social organizations, …) and continuous training according to the social legislation, the labor regulations and the human resources policy of the structure.
  • Prepare and control pay slips. Can carry out monitoring of service outsourcing contracts (payroll, …).
  • Implements the recruitment or training policy according to the strategic orientations of the structure and the targeted development objectives.
  • Participate in the development of the employment policy of the company.
  • Coordinate a team or direct a service
  • Defines and implements the management and human resources management policy (recruitment, remuneration, mobility, career management, etc.) of the structure. Develops or supervises the administrative management of staff (individual files, payroll, …).
  • Monitors the application of legal and regulatory obligations relating to working conditions and relationships.
  • Organizes the social dialogue and participates in the internal communication operations related to the changes of the company.
  • Participate in the definition of the strategic orientations of the structure.



Professional perspectives

List of professions targeted:

  • Administrative Human Resources Manager
  • Manager of Personnel Administration
  • Payroll Manager and Personnel Administration
  • Secretary of personal service
  • Career and Payroll Assistant
  • Administrative Staff Assistant
  • Personnel Management Assistant
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Training Service Assistant
  • Personal Service Assistant
  • Job Training Assistant
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Assistant to the Head of the Corporate Training Service
  • Manager / Corporate Training Officer
  • Responsible for Employment and Skills
  • Human Resources Development Officer
  • Head of training department
  • Skills Development Coach
  • Consultant in Human Resources Management

Further Studies

Master in HRM MBA.


Semester 1

– Management principles 1
– Financial accounting 1
– Introduction to law
– Mathematics I : Analysis
– Microeconomics
– Financial mathematics
– C2I 1
– English 1

Semester 2

– Management principles 2
– Financial accounting 2
– Macroeconomics
– Mathematics 2 : Algebra
– Descriptive statistics and probablility
– Commercial corporate law
– C2I 2
– English 2

Semester 3

– Management fundamentals
– Management accounting
– Marketing fundamentals
– Career conferences
– Engish 3
– Entrepreneurship
– Taxation
– Inferential statistics

Semester 4

– Human ressources management fundamentals
– Financial diagnostic
– Production Management
– Methodology of Elaboration of an internship report
– English 4
– Communicatioin techniques
– Practical practice firm
– Theorical practice firm
– Introduction to business economy
– Conferences and readings


Semester 5

– Organizational theory
– Organizational Psychology
– Business law
– Quality management and certification
– Elaboration and validation of the internship report
– English 5
– Personal development 2
– Practical practice firm
– Theorical practice firm
– Applied coaching technics
– Case-based approach: support for people in professional transitions

Semester 6

  • HR practices
    – HR strategic management
    – Social security law
    – Information system
    – Tutored project
    – English 6
    – IT
    – Practical practice firm
    – Theorical practice firm
    – Training Engineering and Skills Development
    – Anthropology of the professional project and professional orientation