Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (online)


This Master degree provide students with the necessary know-how, multiple experiences, and skills necessary for their long-term success. Indeed, this program allows them to acquire a solid foundation of managerial and management knowledge, to prepare them for the complexity of the globalized world and its evolution in a multicultural vision.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor degree in Marketing, Management, HR, Accounting, Finance, Logistics or equivalent. Apply for an Admission


Skills Acquired

Graduate student will acquire the following skills :

-Be able of creating an activity, develop an entrepreneurial posture.

-Learn problem solving methods, business creativity.

-Discover all the latest tools and methods that have structured entrepreneurial thinking.

-Learn to undertake or acquire entrepreneurial knowledge and skills from practitioners, experts and entrepreneurs in experience-based interactive/operational courses.

-Mastering the fundamental issues of projects to create a new product or service are addressed: creativity, innovation, economic model, new entrepreneurial approaches, Web marketing, Co-creation, social networks, consumer behaviors, business plan, pitch presentation, financing and fundraising.

-Use the lessons learned on real projects with successive iterations with a validation of its clients for the progressive development of the winning economic model.

-Students will develop their ability to: Innovate, discover by moving forward, accept error, change their minds, learn, listen, challenge fundamentals, and challenge themselves.

Professional perspectives

This master offers many professional opportunities:
-Head of enterprise
-Business start-up or take-over
-Contractor Attendant
-Team Manager


Semester 1

  • Developing an Entrepreneurial Posture
    Organizations & people
  • Foresight and Creative Innovation
    – Management accounting
    – Managerial Economics
    – Interdisciplinary seminar I
    – ICT & Operational Training 1: Visual Analytics
    – General knowledge and soft skills 2: English
    – (Optional Pharmaceutical Industries) Managing the Pharmaceutical Sales Organization
    (Optional Oil & Gas) Oil and Gas Finance and Risk Analysis
    – (Optional Banking Services) Contemporary Issues In Banking

Semester 2

  • Project management
  • Strategic Management
    – Finance for managers
  • Corporate Game
    – General knowledge and soft skills 2: Professionalization workshop
    – General Knowledge and Soft Skills 3: Business Communication
    – (Optional Pharmaceutical Industries) Pharmaceutical Marketing Research
    (Optional Oil & Gas) Managing Projects and Optimizing Oil & Gas Operations
    – (Optional Banking Services) International Banking


Semester 3

  • From Business Model to Business Plan
    – Present your project
    – Using Digital Marketing tools for entrepreneurs to advertise, validate and develop a project.
  • Financial management
    – Human resources management
    – Interdisciplinary seminar II
    – TIC & Operational Training: Practical Toolbox for Managers
  • (Optional ) Negotiation
  • (Optional) Design Thinking (Optional) Taxation for Entrepreneurs

Semester 4

– Internship Report